with husband, Terry
    I received my first puppy on my second birthday and have had dogs for pets most of my life.  My first litter of Toy Terriers was born when I was sixteen.  Since females were not veterinarians back then, I majored in fine art, but married and ended up raising three children.  While they were in high school, I started working for the local dentist, Dr. Seymour.  Then I remarried, inherited two stepchildren, and moved to Houston, TX where I learned much about dogs.  While working as office manager for a Family Practice, the last of my precious Yorkies died.  I started breeding Shelties.  I did Obedience and some Conformation, earning five of my Obedience titles.
I moved back to Hernando and into my original home in 1993 and started Critter Camp & Salon Inc.  I have earned four more Obedience titles with my Shelties.  I finished my apprenticeship on Grooming that I had started in Houston.
Terry and I met in 1999 when he bought a puppy from me and we were married in 2004.  He enjoys dogs as much as I do and helps a lot in the kennel.  I own five Shelties, a Havanese, a wonderful mix, Pepper, and four cats.  Terry has three Shelties.
We love our work and our customers are the best.