Critter Salon

Appointments available

Monday through Saturday

Sandra:  901-299-2441

Grooming is available for all breeds.  We have a selection of special shampoos, oil treatments and flea dips.  Nails are cut, ears cleaned, paw pads are cleaned, sanitaries clipped and tummies shaved with the grooming.  No tranquilizers are used.  Sandra limits the number of dogs and cats so as to do the best job possible.  Grooming is done by appointments only.  We ask that you bring your dog by 8 AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and by 9 AM on Wednesday and Saturday.  We will call you when we're finished.  Please do not call us; answering the phone takes time away from grooming.  We also require proof of current vaccinations for grooming including the bordetella spray in the nose or injections.  Veterinarians can fax verification of vaccines upon completion of their annual exams.

Sandra who has 22 years grooming experience with all breeds grooms Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

We now have Ron Lewis on Monday with Sandra. Ron not only grooms dogs, but has been grooming horses for years, a certified Massager for people, horses & dogs. Several of our clients have used him for their dogs with great results. He is also a dog behaviorist using clicker training doing both obedience & agility.

Claudia has been grooming 40 + years. She grooms on Wednesday & Saturday and specializes in small dogs.

HM)  662-429-9090

MBL)  662-298-9655

Grooming is now located at 109 Tulane Rd S. From I 69 on Tulane going south, turn right at the 1st driveway
Coming from old Hwy 304 going north, pass the 1st entrance on the left and come in the 2nd entrance.
This is a darling little cottage, very quiet and easier access from the road.

Attention Groomers with clientelle and tools:  Rent a grooming station for $30 per day, no commissions.  Call 901-299-2441 for info.


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